Worker and Eco-Friendly Production

We established the environmental sustainability principles and practice fair manufacturing to contribute to the realization of the affluent society throughout our domestic and international business. In China, one of our major global production bases, the air pollution has become a more serious problem. It is required more than ever to deal with such environmental issues. To practice the manufacturing which meets the regulation standards under the appropriate system, we commit the human resource development and the maintenance of workplace environment. In our global factories, we send experienced Japanese staff and create workplace environment which allows the local staff to gain enough support and work there without undue worries.

Our Sustainability Principles

We truly commit to the sustainable manufacturing on ROYNE’s way. With a long-term view, we protect the environment inherited by forerunners and connect it to the future generation.

Eco-Friendly Actions

Some of our factories have production systems using the nature energy. Others have the wastewater disposal facilities inside the factory area. Not only about the facilities but also about the materials, we promote the usage of those which could reduce environmental impact. Thus, we are committed to the realization of eco-friendly manufacturing.

Diversity and Workplace

We believe that it is important not only to promote the human resource development but also to create workplace environment which allows all the workers to work without any worries for the ROYNE quality realization. Therefore, we work on to create such workplace where we could respect the diversity and enable the workers to perform at their full potential. It is the workers around the world who are supporting the ROYNE quality.