Better Way,
Better Stitch


Listen to the customers. Read the trend. Take the initiative without fear.
Repeating these, our manufacturing has changed with the times for exceeding the customers’ expectations. We have made the ROYNE quality with our steady and reliable manufacture spirit even though the products changed, the worker changed or the place changed, having a perspective for the future. Over 100 years, we have accumulated experiences and knowledges one by one. We are going to the next generation with each ROYNE members’ spirits together.


On the designing, we realize the highly satisfactory products by researching the trends and discussing with customers in detail as fitting or its shape. On the production bases, we produce in the most suitable production base which is selected from our domestic and international factories, depending on the customers’ needs.


In the apparel industry, like the other ones, the innovative technological developments are being promoted. In the shifting of the production place from domestic to overseas, we evolve our technique for expressing our manufacturing spirits.


ROYNE’s products are born from the fabric designing, the vertical factory production, additional features based on the ergonomic data and the marketing research.

Production System

To make the ROYNE quality beyond the customers’ expectations, we select the best production system from Japan or overseas, construct the technical network between the factories and handle the efficient production with the latest facilities.


We established the environmental sustainability principles and practice fair manufacturing to contribute to the realization of the affluent society throughout our domestic and international business.